Stressed About Your Milk Supply? Read This!

Some of the most pressing questions I get from families I work with have to do with breastfeeding. Mothers, their partners, grannies, sisters, play cousins ALL want to know is baby getting enough? Is it normal if baby eats more than once every few hours? What if mom has small breasts? What if baby is only at the breast for X amount of time? Is the baby too small? Is the baby too big? Should I give water? Supplements?

Since babies and breasts don’t come with manuals (YET! Manuals coming VERY soon), we have to rely upon our instincts (and cues from our Little Ones). The great thing is, our biological instincts are wired, once we give birth, to know what needs to be done when we see, smell, hear or taste (also known as kissing all up on) our little bundles. The not so great thing is, we have been conditioned not to trust these instincts, to constantly compare ourselves and our children to others and to actually SEEK OUT the most horrid of horror stories to undermine our instincts.

Here is the thing, the VAST majority of women are perfectly able to breastfeed. There are some women who are not, but, most women who are fearful that they are unable, are perfectly able. Here is the kicker, however, the stress that comes with not being able to breastfeed can actually LOWER your milk supply! In fact, ANY stress can lower your supply. But, please, DO NOT stress about stressing, thereby adding more stress onto your stress. I made a little poster with some tips and techniques to get that oxytocin flowin’ and those stress levels lowered. Download it, print it, share it. Please let me know if it helps you.

BFaffirmations_MniqueTheDoulaSo much love!

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