Happy Interdependence Week

We live in a culture that is all mixed up. We make mamas out to be deities with all the superhuman powers to make us invincible. Mamas have babies, breastfeed, go to work after only a couple of weeks, keep the house clean, retrieve our pre-baby bodies within weeks, take care of older children and look sexy doing it all without ANY help!


Mamas and daddies drag their bodies like the walking dead, believing that exhaustion is just par for the course when you have children. Being a “good mother,” according to most of the women I have worked with, includes sacrificing everything from alone time to simply having a full meal. Unfortunately, exhaustion and stress leads to burn out, which can lead to all sorts of physical and mental disorders.


This is why I am officially dubbing the week of Independence Day, “Interdependence Week.” It is my mission and passion to teach families how to function in harmony. So, this week is dedicated to pregnant and postpartum families depending on their Villages for help and support. This week, every family member and friend of new (and seasoned) parents should be asking, “what do you need and how can I help?” This week, all newborn families should practice vulnerability with their folks and practice using the phrase, “I need your help.”

Interdependence Week will be a catalyst for a more collective culture. A culture where mamas do not feel they have to suffer from postpartum mood disorders in silence; a culture where fathers are valued and supported; a culture where our children are well cared for, whether mama and daddy are able to do it themselves or not.

Happy Interdependence Week!

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